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14 In-Depth Strategies: YouTube Small Business Leads

14 In-Depth Strategies: YouTube Small Business Leads

YouTube is owned by Google, and Google is the largest search engine in the world. When somebody watches your video on YouTube, and there’s an advertisement in front of it, Google actually makes money. You, as the creator make money, but so does Google. So, it’s in Google’s best interest to display videos that are hosted on YouTube in search engine results…and for that reason, I’m IN!

YouTube home business lead generation strategies

YouTube home business lead generation strategies

1 – Market Share:

When somebody searches for a related topic on Google, Google’s going to try and get the YouTube video at the top of those results before the Vimeo video because, again, it’s in their best interest, they make money.

So, right off the bat by using YouTube, you’re going to help your search engine optimization because YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube also has a huge market share.

By using YouTube, you’re already starting with a service that has huge market share and it can really help you get your message in front of the people you’re trying to reach.

2 – Social Network Community:

Another reason to use YouTube is that it’s also a social network. YouTube and Google+ are directly linked and Google+ has 1.6 billion accounts and 540 million active users every single month. The next closest video hosting service that allows user generated content is Vimeo, and they have, according to their website, a 170 million viewers.

3 – Cares about their Creators because creators make content:

YouTube offers a rich set of creator features, such as playlists and advanced analytics. You can see who is viewing your videos, where they’re coming from, how long they’re watching them, which videos are giving you the most subscribers.

Focus should be a clear target market and a specific product or service with content that provides value to the end user. The more subscribers you have, the more money you’ll make.

4 – Getting views / Loyalty / Repeat viewers

Give your audience a preview of what your next video will be at the end of your previous video to get repeat viewers and make plenty of videos with evergreen content.

When setting goals for your channel is your focus increasing subscribers, views, or achieving monetary milestones?

:: Views in last 30 days

:: Subscribers

:: Revenue. What’s your next milestone?

  • Set these goals to work towards something then work backwards
  • Determine how many videos you’re going to publish per week or month
  • Research competition in the community and see what sets them apart
  • How is your channel trending?
  • Make sure the content you’re producing is relevant to your topic and target market
  • Include clear branding
  • Have a call to action in your video – where can the user go to purchase it
  • Where can they go to find out more? Make sure user knows where to go to buy what you’re selling.

5 – Content:

This needs to be about problem solving for your target audience. You want to provide a reason for the user to come back. Give them a reason to come back.

  • All the content needs to be 100% your own
  • Call to action in content
  • Call to action to subscribe

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take action. stop following, start doing

Take Action – Stop Following, Start Doing

Take Action. Stop Following, Start Doing.

Take action. In art school, we studied the masters…all of them. From the beginning of civilization to the Renaissance, the 60’s, and today. More than learning the methods and mediums used, we learned how humans communicated. We saw the way of life from each period; how people felt, rejoiced, suffered, survived, died.

We saw life in action.

What we would never accomplish by studying history is the mastery of our own daily communication. How we depicted life through whichever medium we chose.

We had to develop our voice, through our art. We started by studying the masters.

In order to graduate, we maneuvered our final year by way of an intense thesis program. This was it. Four years of study, condensed into one final year of of focused clarity in the depiction of our message.

Today, in business, we can apply the same principles, that is, IF we want to succeed. Without a professor or thesis mentor, without a course schedule, without a graduation deadline, we are left to define and design our destiny.

As entrepreneurs, it is one of our greatest challenges.

Feeling the gnaw at our side, the desire in our heart to do more, be more, and the conflict and doubt within our head we study, study, study and watch the masters of business do their thing and dream.

Wake up. Take action. Stop following. Start doing.

You are the professor of your life. Those who support you are your mentors. You have a pen and a calendar – create your schedule and your deadline.

Clearly determine what you want and create the map. If you’re feeling stuck, this page on the Psychology Today website provides multiple articles on motivation and action steps:

Take action and never give up.

Here’s my top level leadership ASSET LEADERSHIP program that could just be the blueprint you need to start moving forward faster:

Your first idea or project need not be a masterpiece. Just keep creating and building. You will get there. Remember, “take action”…every day.

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Mindset Development is a Mindset for Success

Mindset development has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. Currently am researching how mindset increases success not only for individuals but for leadership roles and for organizations. 

Although “mindset for success” is the specific goal, I encourage those focused on mindset development to hold the word “PROSPERITY” in mind as it’s meaning encompasses a broader range and speaks more of flourishing in all areas of our life.

While most desire the same end goal whether they call it success or prosperity the road to achieving that end goal is laced with bumps, hiccups, swerves and dips that cause feelings of frustration, overwhelm, disappointment and possibly even giving up on dreams. The fact is that the road to achieving success is also graced with new opportunity, increased knowledge, financial gains, forward momentum and the high probability of meeting a business partner for life.

We all want success and as we take the marketing steps to build our business, we realize mindset development MUST go hand in hand, alongside marketing. Creating meaning and identifying purpose goes a long way on the path to success.

Your mind is supremely powerful; it will dictate your direction, your heart, your self talk, and your beliefs. Studies show that simply believing we can bring about change in our lives increases motivation and job performance; that success, in essence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Experiencing transformation is about learning how to use mindset development to work to our advantage. It’s about giving having the tools to overcome obstacles, reverse bad habits, become more efficient, productive, and conquer ambitious goals.

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Roxana Hannah Leadership

Custom Blueprint and Brand Building

Step-by-Step Custom Blueprint and Brand Building

This custom blueprint is designed to walk you through every must-have step to develop a flourishing brand and business online, plus your ticket to one-on-one weekly consultative calls.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear someone talk about “just getting by”, either financially or emotionally.

People are either not making enough for the amount of work and time they dedicate to their day or are unfulfilled with their day to day work / life / experiences.

It doesn’t have to be that way. So why do so many choose it?

I propose it’s because they don’t know the path to another way of living.


Maybe they think they can’t do it.


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Social Media User Generated Love

Capitalizing on Social Media User Generated Love

A social media manager understands the importance of acknowledgement and response to publicly posted comments from individuals across social sites.

The sooner the response, the better. Although timing of response is an important factor, finesse, context and empathy play a greater role in establishing the bonds of a B2C social media relationship; especially when it comes to user generated love.

I’m not talking about the angry posts. I refer specifically to comments from people who love your product or service and post their gratitude and affection publicly. While it’s necessary to respond accordingly to the angry ones; the same amount of energy and attention given to reversing ill will comments should be given to accepting good will comments.

In a most simplistic view, perhaps it’s human nature and certainly business nature to want those who don’t like us or those who we’ve upset in some way to like us. We give more attention to those who are harder to please than those who are right here with love.

I believe that’s a mistake.

Take, for example, the buyer who has already made a purchase compared to the buyer who still hasn’t bought one item. It’s more beneficial to finesse the one who has already proven their interest. Even if the purchase is a $1.00 trial. Those are the ones saying yes. Those are the ones where the majority of energy needs to be placed.

It’s the same with social media. Too often I see, either from a lack of training of the social media “expert”, or due to a lack of understanding of psychology and human behavior from said “expert”, that a response from the person responsible for answering social media comments to display a complete lack of interest or gratitude from positive comments.

Whereas, in a large string of comments, the one person who complains the most, is the one who gets the attention. What about all those who are saying and supporting the company / service / product? It is unwise to take them for granted.

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