Roxana Hannah

As an entrepreneur at heart Roxana’s used her self-starter, creative, organizational and connector inclinations to create the perfect balance within her business world of internet marketing, management, sales, brand promotions and personal development.

Observant, organized, and balanced by nature, she shines when her team and clients are able to maximize their individual and collective impact due to her efforts.

Roxana leads with positive psychology principles as a foundation for every element of life and stands for unifying the mission of living a life of peak potential. She personally attains both through continuous learning, implementing business practices and health and wellness.

Standing for the belief that Health > Wealth she spends a large majority of her time working on her healthy recipes and lifestyle site, FitClub Jumpstart. Roxana works with participants in the private program on supplemental and nutritional education while training and helping develop habit formation principles for their long term success. FitClub Jumpstart grew out of the her favorite past-time of cooking into a healthy recipe fan page centered around slow carb eating principles found within the “4-Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss.

Roxana Hannah held the position of Chief Communications Officer at MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) during the company’s first 5 years of development.  She started with the company when it was 4 months old and was an integral part of it’s foundation. 

MLSP MyLeadSystemPro

Jim Fanale, Roxana Hannah, Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer

Roxana held her position with high regard and developed her role as an digital marketing brand strategist and friend to top industry leaders.

Due to the breadth of exposure through MyLeadSystemPro and through much diligent effort, Roxana attained a top position with a direct sales company representing a downline of 10,000 team members.

Roxana Hannah speaking at event

Her products consist of the Asset Leaders Program, an in-depth course on creating a digital launch, brand building and gaining massive internet exposure and her 10-Steps to Happiness, an action step program to induce positivity into one’s life. Roxana’s goal is to unconditionally assist those looking to improve their life through the limitless possibilities available online and through a concerted effort in mindset development.

Roxana has owned an event company, carried roles as sales and marketing executive, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and traveled nationally as an independent art rep. Roxana is an Army brat; grew up in California and overseas, lived in the Pacific NW for 18 years and has a passion for travel and international business. Her interests include the adoration of Porsches and epicurean adventures. Currently she resides in Austin, Texas.

For fun she likes Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.