Don’t believe in the 9 -5 corporate rat race or know it’s not for you?  

Let’s face it. You’re no different than millions of hard working people who go online searching for a way to create time and financial freedom; to create a life NOT dictated by a boss.

I know, I’ve been there and back and know the best way to build is by building your own ladder. 

Maybe you’ve seen this “online thing” work for others but can’t seem to make it work for you or maybe you’re just starting out and not sure which direction to go. It’s not your fault.

I’ve helped newbies and seasoned veterans build their strategy based on who they are; how their story relates; and what their strengths are. 

Cookie cutter programs may be easy, they may have worked for the individual who created them but there’s no guarantee they’ll differentiate YOU from everyone else.

The majority who spend their hard earned cash are simply overwhelmed and unsupported.

After years and years watching hundreds of online friends get churned and burned from believing and trusting in their mentors, supposed helpful sponsors, or online guru-posers who claim to have the secrets to the best new online systems, marketing campaigns, highest converting funnels, public relations campaigns, easy to duplicate blogging strategies, simple secrets to “instant” success, millionaire- maker blueprints; I was fed up with the hype.

Too many have spent too much time and money, without any support, to try and achieve their dreams.

I knew if I could do it alone imagine what YOU could do with support?

After years of scouring through product after product, studying the process of marketers and taking notes in between with plenty of personal trial, error and success, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve seen where the holes are, listened to what people want and discovered the solutions to help the internet network marketer & home business pro build a strong online foundation.

When people buy products or sign up for done-for-you systems oftentimes the greatest missing element is that they never get to the core of what they really need to achieve the results they’re looking for.

They never get the coaching and support for the long term and never learn how to show others the way to grow their business.

They end up a perpetual follower of someone else.

When it comes to clearly defining yourself and building your business online it can take years of trial and error to get through to the thick of exactly what to do and what you want your message to be.

I’ve been through it and have created the most in-depth, well rounded way for you to achieve results.

After 5 years as an executive for one of most consistently successful internet marketing training platforms (MyLeadSystemPro) I can honestly say I’ve seen thousands of people come through and know what makes an individual’s business thrive or disintegrate.

I’ve worked alongside six and seven figure earners to help them craft their strategy, develop campaigns, build their brand, coach their speeches and listen to their frustrations.

I had the honor of experiencing a direct sales team of 10k+ and am listed as one of the company’s top performers. I’ve spoken on stage to hundreds nationwide discussing the exact strategies I share here and have led countless webinars with hundreds of attendees combing through the elements of business building this step-by-step instruction offers. I know what works and what doesn’t.  

The best part is – you don’t have to have a ton of tech skill (I certainly don’t); only the desire to get your business and brand built online.

 This compilation of my years of experience is outlined for you in a simple, organized easy to follow format. 

The training will walk you through each necessary process for establishing your presence online.

All you have to do is answer the questions presented or identify what you want in each section and before you know it you’ve compiled a massive personal campaign, have developed in-depth content based on what you stand for and have learned a formula to give the same training to those who will start following you.

Moving forward you’ll always have your personalized custom resource of data and content to build upon.

Roxana HannahIf you shift and change direction in your strategy you only need go back into the segment that relates to your change and adjust the information. Then once again, you’ll have a strong foundation to build marketing, personal branding and gather content from.

You will always have sources to propel your business forward…created by you; for you.

Perseverance, positivity and belief in oneself can open doors previously unimaginable. Commitment and consistency to our goals make all the difference. This program walks you through the process. 
As many have experienced it’s not always easy to go it alone and many get lost along the path of seeking a better, brighter future in the development of their person
al potential and marketing message. 
Successful business owners and entrepreneurs seek meaning in their work, desire to change the world, increase the quality of life, help others, and to be creative. By the end of the program you will have established your personal and marketing fundamentals to free up your time and let your imagination flow to get your business rolling. 

You are uniquely YOU and when you map out your plan – there is no competition. You already have the answers – ASSET LEADERSHIP SERIES puts your plan into ACTION.

I created the Asset Leadership course to guide entrepreneurs back into who they are, why they do what they do and what their real purpose is. The exercises dig deep into what lies beneath the surface of a mission statement, how to apply your story to your business for others to grasp as genuinely as you feel it and how to take advantage of the magnificence of internet marketing.

How are you an asset to your world? Let’s begin a your new chapter today.

What You Get with The Asset Leaders Blueprint

MODULE 1: Bedrock – Setting Your Foundation

Three Words, One BIG Question: Who Are YOU?
Focus on a disciplined, systematic approach determines where your highest contribution lies.
  • Timeline Passage development assists in personal content building to begin the outline your story.
  • Define your social marketplace positioning persona through establishing pre-built stance.
  • A Calling Description: The more we can align our daily tasks with our personal vision, the more likely we are to see work as a calling.

MODULE 2: Core Casting

Delving deeper into the core of our foundation we uncover methods to surface the meaning behind why we do what we do. There’s unlimited depths to which you can develop more as an individual.

  • How to deliver a memorable, impactful experience as a leader.
  • When we’re looking to build ourselves as assets to the world first we must look inside and establish our personal values: passions, sources, fundamentals, associations.
  • The 5 characteristics of successful people are: Vision, Strategy, Belief, Persistence, and Learning. Modeling after someone who has reached global notoriety helps cast your future vision farther than you may imagine.

MODULE 3: Organization Casting

Pulling back the veil exposing the core of our Organization’s foundation allows us to analyze the reality and the meaning behind how our business is running and what we need to expand upon it’s greatness as well as improve upon it’s weakness.

  • Reflection: Character, Culture, Audience, Norms and Challenges. Get it out, get it straight.
  • Forecast Greatness: Future vision casting; Design the organizational future you seek to create.
  • Current Reality: How to improve the needs, loyalty, motivations, community and culture.

MODULE 4: Personal and Professional Merger

By defining and clarifying your business not only personally but professionally you have set an aggressive target for the year.

  • Focus on areas of commonality between your passion and values and your organization’s.
  • Bridging the gap between the personal and professional.
  • Create your best year visually, contextually and conceptually.

MODULE 5: Building My Business

If you want to massively expand, you need to have an online presence. The better and farther you’re able to connect and share your story the better your relationships with your clients will be.

  • Online real estate…set it up the right way the first time with the most appropriate message for the language used within the most visited social sites.
  • Display your stories and presentations through this informative networking site. Learn the most effective way to communicate your message using 10 slides.
  • Learn how and where to create the most effective, compelling visual and audible stories.

MODULE 6: Construct

Go far in your industry by demonstrating your ability to utilize and leverage the Internet to get your skill, craft, talent, strength and unique gift out to the world.
  • Distinguish exactly who your customer is with a custom in-depth development of your marketing avatar.
  • Product & Company Dissection: get biological with your business to develop endless content and purpose.
  • Discover how to best leverage surveys, Ted Talks, & eBooks, images, articles and testimonials.

MODULE 7: Expansion

Cast your net wide and share the rich content you’ve created thus far.  Use the latest tools to spread your message.

  • Build a webinar campaign series and grow your list.
  • Use the latest tools to design custom made funnels specific to your training and your story.
  • Turn your knowledge into products to monetize your list.
  • Build your branded site.

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