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Behind-the-Scenes Experience at MyLeadSystemPro

MLSP Webinar Roxana Hannah

[Click to Watch Video] MLSP CCO Roxana Hannah Gives Up the Goods on What She’s Absorbed from 5 Years of Hands On Behind-the-Scenes Experience With the Industry’s TOP Lead Generation Training Company…

David Sharpe on Results with MyLeadSystemPRO [7:51 min video]

Watch the video to hear what David Sharpe says is needed to generate leads and results. David Sharpe makes MyLeadSystemPRO leader of the month within his fourth month of membership. Calling himself a rookie, he found MyLeadSystemPRO while he was in a company and “wandering around the internet”.

Getting started online has a learning curve; it’s not an overnight success system. Yet, it’s the  the most powerful tool in the world to learn how to expose our opportunity and ourselves to more people.

Discussing how we can use the internet to build our business. He says he kept seeing MyLeadSystemPRO’s sales video online and realized there must be something to this. He joined on what he calls “blind faith”.

He explains that his first step was to go through the set up steps – all ten steps. He knows people who join MyLeadSystemPRO get in and see there’s actual work that needs to be done and feel overwhelmed by the fact that it’s not an overnight lotto ticket win. Within the four months of his membership he’s received enough commission to be paid back by the affiliate program set up within MyLeadSystemPRO all from simply taking ridiculously steady action following the steps detailed within MyLeadSystemPRO.

Favorite marketing avenue: he recommends mastering one marketing strategy and takes a long term and short term approach with a paid and a free strategy. When he first started he was blogging and saw the potential with article marketing. Then he moved into Pay Per Click and started generating leads. When he got his first lead, something changed inside of him.

If you’re in network marketing or looking to build a side income through the home business industry you’ll find an online strategy to be the most valuable asset to your business’ growth. Take a look to see what tools and strategies MyLeadSystemPRO provides those either new to the home business industry or seasoned networkers searching for a way to expand their brand and offer online.


10 Best Practices for MLSP Profitability

As a former exec of MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) and after 5 years behind the scenes, I saw what patterns and strategies worked and what mistakes were made from all the marketers who came through the door.

Today you will get the best practices for building MLSP. It’s not as obvious as you might think. If you’re not yet a member you’ll see why tens of thousands have planted their flag in the community.

1. Consistency

After hosting at least 4 years of Member of the Month interviews there were a few common “success strategy” themes each rising star spoke of.

Consistency was one of the biggest. Do not give up.

How do you remain consistent?


A great story to illustrate the value of belief your actions TODAY will provide for your TOMORROW.

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Internet Marketing Training Webinars

How’s your marketing coming along? Have you been spending much time building an online presence or do you connect mostly through local, face to face meetings?

From my experience, working with entrepreneurs since 2009, is that most are half and half. As in “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”. In other words their business in reality is a hobby.

They’re thinking, “It’s social, it’s fun and hey, maybe I’ll make a sale!”

I get it. I dabbled a while too. I’ve had multiple fan pages, groups, websites, and sold various products over the years. I’ve spent more on trial and error than I care to count. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.
However, I’ve also spent more time on internet marketing training webinars than I have spent time dabbling.

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