Keeping your online presence front and center with a content calendar

Planning your content in advance and scheduling it with a content calendar is the smartest way to leverage your time using internet marketing tools.

The greatest challenge many face when building their content calendar is from a lack of organization, content creativity, and confusion on where to post what content.

As always, marketing’s first point on each checklist is The AVATAR.

Have you identified who you want to target? Who is your avatar?

You can also create different verticals of content based on your avatar to attract new buyers. Maybe your product appeals to personal trainers and busy moms. Your language will differ based on who you’re speaking to. Your message needs to speak to each avatar clearly even though the base of your content (what you’re selling) is the same.

You can get your content out through video, blog posts, promotional images with captions. Each small piece of content should have a call to action. Use your social media platforms to post and connect with your email list.

Here is a breakdown of areas where you can create content to fill your monthly calendar.


  1. Why are you motivated to build this?
  2. What do you stand for?
  3. What is your desire?
  4. How do you achieve your goals?


  1. History
  2. Company founders
  3. What they stand for
  4. Do they donate to any charities


  1. Benefits
  2. Details of products
  3. Compensation
  4. Perks
  5. Cash Bonuses
  6. Vacations earned

Use an automated content delivery platform to pre-schedule your messages, images, videos, and every other piece of information you want to send out. The advantages of creating a content calendar are numerous. A content calendar allows you to organize your flow of content so you’re not too repetitive. It allows for a healthy balance between sales messages and value based content. It gives you a month-at-a-glance perspective.

Mix your messages along your platforms. Create content specific to your Facebook fan page audience, your Instagram images, your YouTube viewers, your Twitter feed and your blog.

Share your content across platforms. Get your Facebook fans to your YouTube channel by sharing your YouTube videos on Facebook and so on. One of the greatest benefits of Facebook right now is the automatic transcription that happens when you record your video on their platform. I’ve recorded video on Facebook, cleaned up the transcription, downloaded the video and added it with captions to YouTube. That’s such a win-win.

There’s no shortage of ideas you can create when your focus is building a content calendar that keeps your brand front and center.

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