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Writing The Bio for Your Brand

Writing the bio for your brand can be more difficult than you would expect.

This is especially true if you’ve never focused on highlighting your strengths and achievements when creating your brand. You have to be comfortable having the spotlight on yourself, you must have confidence in a openly sharing your “personal brag”, and most importantly, you need to know what you stand for.

Afterall, if you have not yet defined what your brand is, you’ll most likely hit a stumbling block (or a wall) when you put pen to paper…or digits to keys.

Entrepreneur Magazine hit the nail on the head when outlining “8 Reasons a Powerful Personal Brand Will Make You Successful”.  Point 8 of the article states:

Confidence: Developing your personal brand requires you to find your authentic voice. The process of creating one develops who you are — the unique you — the Me, Inc. When you find your voice, and your audiences start to react positively, that builds self-confidence and self-esteem and allows you to find yourself in a meaningful way.

I found this to be true, and to be quite honest, it came as a surprise, when I asked the top leaders of my team to submit their bios to me. Crickets.

I was giving these top leaders an opportunity to be promoted on my fan page and on my personal Facebook profile with over 70K followers and on all my social sites. I was one of the top of the company and by promoting them, they’d get a ton of exposure. When I reached out to inquire what the delay in getting their bios was, I learned they never had written about themselves.  It was an eye opener and made perfect sense.

The difference between an entrepreneur and someone who has been working for a company/institution is personal branding. The entrepreneur has been defining and dissecting who they are, what they stand for, what their products represent, what the benefits of working with them are, etc. They have written and thrown away more versions of their bio and their mission statement and values statement, than anyone else. They’ve brainstormed key words over and over, have filled notebooks full of ideas, chicken scratch, and stick-figure pictures of every element that defines them.

That’s what your brand does. It points the magnifying glass right back at self. I have never once heard that being an entrepreneur is easy. Introspection is challenging. The reward of getting to a point where you’re finally, somewhat, satisfied with your final product / statement / meaning is gratifying.

For example, if you scroll through Linkedin or Twitter and read the statements or bios of what many promote, you’ll see they’re promoting the company they work for. Their identity has been absorbed into what the company stands for, what the company’s mission is. They speak in “we” – the individual voice is not present. The individual belief system is muted. They are a representative of their company and respectfully and dutifully they speak on behalf of what they company brand represents.

It’s a strong company vision and culture that can create an army of advocates. Good for them.

The stumbling block comes to individuals who have just begun their journey over the bridge from “corporate worker bee” to entrepreneur when identifying their brand.

And what an exciting journey it is.

In a previous blog post, “Foundational Entrepreneurial Elements of Building Your Brand”, I outline how to dissect and develop a personal timeline to assist in jogging your memory. This practice helps individuals recall certain milestones, even failures, which stand out in their life as turning points and as features of personal development.

Sometimes it’s the triumphs that make us believe in ourselves more, that help us gain greater clarity of purpose and sometimes it’s the destruction of what we believed in that propels us into a new direction. A direction more aligned with our purpose.

Developing our timeline as a base clears the clutter of the past and helps us move toward a greater understanding of your brand.

The previous post also recommends a wide selection of personality assessments. These tests will help you develop an objective perspective when developing your brand in writing.

Take the time to build the foundation of your brand – it’s worth the time and will allow for greater clarity when others are looking for a leader to follow.


David Sharpe on Results with MyLeadSystemPRO [7:51 min video]

Watch the video to hear what David Sharpe says is needed to generate leads and results. David Sharpe makes MyLeadSystemPRO leader of the month within his fourth month of membership. Calling himself a rookie, he found MyLeadSystemPRO while he was in a company and “wandering around the internet”.

Getting started online has a learning curve; it’s not an overnight success system. Yet, it’s the  the most powerful tool in the world to learn how to expose our opportunity and ourselves to more people.

Discussing how we can use the internet to build our business. He says he kept seeing MyLeadSystemPRO’s sales video online and realized there must be something to this. He joined on what he calls “blind faith”.

He explains that his first step was to go through the set up steps – all ten steps. He knows people who join MyLeadSystemPRO get in and see there’s actual work that needs to be done and feel overwhelmed by the fact that it’s not an overnight lotto ticket win. Within the four months of his membership he’s received enough commission to be paid back by the affiliate program set up within MyLeadSystemPRO all from simply taking ridiculously steady action following the steps detailed within MyLeadSystemPRO.

Favorite marketing avenue: he recommends mastering one marketing strategy and takes a long term and short term approach with a paid and a free strategy. When he first started he was blogging and saw the potential with article marketing. Then he moved into Pay Per Click and started generating leads. When he got his first lead, something changed inside of him.

If you’re in network marketing or looking to build a side income through the home business industry you’ll find an online strategy to be the most valuable asset to your business’ growth. Take a look to see what tools and strategies MyLeadSystemPRO provides those either new to the home business industry or seasoned networkers searching for a way to expand their brand and offer online.


Positivity: Mastering The Importance of Control at Work and Home

Mastering the importance of control at work and home as one of the core pillars of positivity.

Feeling that we are in control, that we are masters of our own fate at work and at home, is one of the strongest drivers of both well-being and performance.

A 2002 study of nearly 3000 wage and salaried employees for the National Study of the Changing Workforce found that greater feelings of control at work predicted greater satisfaction in nearly every aspect of life: family, job, relationships, etc. People who felt in control at work, also had lower levels of stress, work-family conflicts and job turnover.

Interestingly, psychologists have found that these kinds of gains in productivity, happiness, and health have less to do with how much control we actually have and more with how much control we “think” we have.
The world is shaped largely by our mindset.
The most successful people, in work and in life, are those who have what psychologists call an “internal locus of control”, the belief that their actions have a direct effect on their outcomes. People with an external locus, on the other hand, are more likely to see daily events as dictated by external forces.

Believing that, for the most part, our actions determine our fates in life can only spur us to work harder; and when we see this hard work pay off, our belief in ourselves only grows stronger.

This is true in nearly every domain in life. Research has shown that people who believe that the power lies within their circle have higher academic achievement, greater career achievement, and are much happier at work.

Because feeling in control over our jobs and our lives reduces stress, it even affects our physical health. One study of 7400 employees found that those who felt they had little control over deadlines imposed by other people had a 50% higher risk of coronary heart disease than their counterparts. In fact this effect was so staggering, researchers concluded that feeling a lack of control over pressure at work is “as great” a risk factor for heart disease as even high blood pressure.

“Emotional Intelligence” Daniel Goleman
When small stresses pile up over time, as they so often do in the workplace, it only takes a minor annoyance or irritation to lose control; in other words, to let the part of our brain that reacts with emotion take over. When this “emotional hijacking” occurs we might lash out at a colleague, friend, family member or start to feel helpless and overwhelmed or suddenly lose all energy and motivation.

As a result our decision-making skills, productivity, and effectiveness plummet. This can have real consequences not just for individuals, but for entire teams of organizations.

At one large company, researchers found that managers who felt the most swamped by job pressure ran teams with the worst performance and the lowest net profits.
A failing economy can be a powerful trigger for emotional hijacking too.

Neuroscientists have found that financial losses are processed in the same areas of brain that respond to mortal danger. – When our brain hits the panic button, reason goes out the window and our wallets, our careers, and our bottom lines suffer.

Set yourself up for success: Click here to get started right now:

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14 In-Depth Strategies: YouTube Small Business Leads

14 In-Depth Strategies: YouTube Small Business Leads

YouTube is owned by Google, and Google is the largest search engine in the world. When somebody watches your video on YouTube, and there’s an advertisement in front of it, Google actually makes money. You, as the creator make money, but so does Google. So, it’s in Google’s best interest to display videos that are hosted on YouTube in search engine results…and for that reason, I’m IN!

YouTube home business lead generation strategies

YouTube home business lead generation strategies

1 – Market Share:

When somebody searches for a related topic on Google, Google’s going to try and get the YouTube video at the top of those results before the Vimeo video because, again, it’s in their best interest, they make money.

So, right off the bat by using YouTube, you’re going to help your search engine optimization because YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube also has a huge market share.

By using YouTube, you’re already starting with a service that has huge market share and it can really help you get your message in front of the people you’re trying to reach.

2 – Social Network Community:

Another reason to use YouTube is that it’s also a social network. YouTube and Google+ are directly linked and Google+ has 1.6 billion accounts and 540 million active users every single month. The next closest video hosting service that allows user generated content is Vimeo, and they have, according to their website, a 170 million viewers.

3 – Cares about their Creators because creators make content:

YouTube offers a rich set of creator features, such as playlists and advanced analytics. You can see who is viewing your videos, where they’re coming from, how long they’re watching them, which videos are giving you the most subscribers.

Focus should be a clear target market and a specific product or service with content that provides value to the end user. The more subscribers you have, the more money you’ll make.

4 – Getting views / Loyalty / Repeat viewers

Give your audience a preview of what your next video will be at the end of your previous video to get repeat viewers and make plenty of videos with evergreen content.

When setting goals for your channel is your focus increasing subscribers, views, or achieving monetary milestones?

:: Views in last 30 days

:: Subscribers

:: Revenue. What’s your next milestone?

  • Set these goals to work towards something then work backwards
  • Determine how many videos you’re going to publish per week or month
  • Research competition in the community and see what sets them apart
  • How is your channel trending?
  • Make sure the content you’re producing is relevant to your topic and target market
  • Include clear branding
  • Have a call to action in your video – where can the user go to purchase it
  • Where can they go to find out more? Make sure user knows where to go to buy what you’re selling.

5 – Content:

This needs to be about problem solving for your target audience. You want to provide a reason for the user to come back. Give them a reason to come back.

  • All the content needs to be 100% your own
  • Call to action in content
  • Call to action to subscribe

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take action. stop following, start doing

Take Action – Stop Following, Start Doing

Take Action. Stop Following, Start Doing.

Take action. In art school, we studied the masters…all of them. From the beginning of civilization to the Renaissance, the 60’s, and today. More than learning the methods and mediums used, we learned how humans communicated. We saw the way of life from each period; how people felt, rejoiced, suffered, survived, died.

We saw life in action.

What we would never accomplish by studying history is the mastery of our own daily communication. How we depicted life through whichever medium we chose.

We had to develop our voice, through our art. We started by studying the masters.

In order to graduate, we maneuvered our final year by way of an intense thesis program. This was it. Four years of study, condensed into one final year of of focused clarity in the depiction of our message.

Today, in business, we can apply the same principles, that is, IF we want to succeed. Without a professor or thesis mentor, without a course schedule, without a graduation deadline, we are left to define and design our destiny.

As entrepreneurs, it is one of our greatest challenges.

Feeling the gnaw at our side, the desire in our heart to do more, be more, and the conflict and doubt within our head we study, study, study and watch the masters of business do their thing and dream.

Wake up. Take action. Stop following. Start doing.

You are the professor of your life. Those who support you are your mentors. You have a pen and a calendar – create your schedule and your deadline.

Clearly determine what you want and create the map. If you’re feeling stuck, this page on the Psychology Today website provides multiple articles on motivation and action steps:

Take action and never give up.

Here’s my top level leadership ASSET LEADERSHIP program that could just be the blueprint you need to start moving forward faster:

Your first idea or project need not be a masterpiece. Just keep creating and building. You will get there. Remember, “take action”…every day.

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