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Foundational Entrepreneurial Elements of Building your Brand

Foundational Entrepreneurial Elements of Building your Brand


Your Story

  • Timeline: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
  • A Calling Description

Core Casting

Delving deeper into the core of our foundation we uncover methods to surface the meaning behind why we do what we do.  There are unlimited depths to which you can develop more as an individual – getting out onto paper either for the first time or the 100th time helps clarify purpose.

  • Mission
  • Values
  • WikiYou

Organizational Core Casting

Pulling back the veil; exposing the core of our organization’s foundation allows us to analyze the reality and the meaning behind how our business is running and what we need to expand upon or improve.

  • Reflection
  • Future Vision Casting
  • Current Reality
  • History and Future


By understanding common values and creating a bold vision, you have set an aggressive target for your year.

Here we find the commonalities that bridge the gap between your personal passions and your organization’s purpose.

We are not imprisoned by our circumstances, our setbacks, our history, or even staggering defeats along the way. We are freed by our choices.

Jim Collins

You Are the Secret to Your Own Prosperity by Peter Voogd

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11 Action Steps Increasing Workplace Well-Being Through Positive Psychology

11 Action Steps Increasing Workplace Well-Being Through Positive Psychology


Happiness, inspiration, gratitude, joy; all fall under the umbrella of POSITIVITY.

Our brains are literally hardwired to perform at their best not when they are negative or even neutral, but when they are positive.

Many shelve the effort it takes work on mindset, to develop their innate ability to train their brain for peak performance. Their focus on money-making strategies keeps their nose to the grindstone while somewhere in the back of their mind they wonder why they still aren’t fulfilled, why their stress regularly gets the best of them and why they can’t seem to make it no matter how many more hours they’re putting into their day.

People with fixed mindset miss choice opportunities for improvement and consistently underperform, while those with a “growth mindset” watch their abilities move ever upward.

Conversely the most successful people realize the benefits of mindset development and deliberately create long-lasting habits of success. While money making strategies are important those focused on nurturing mindset development understand the first step to creating wealth comes from an internal, energized foundation which upholds personal momentum during good times and bad.

Mindset training / teaches our brains how to perceive reality and how those perceptions predispose our behavior.~+~Is positivity just “feel-good” quotes and encouraging words? Not in the least. No matter how much we love this guy => 🙂  and the simple concept of “put on a happy face” we must understand the core meaning and reason behind WHY humans have an innate need to feel happy. Pasting an external and positive attitude will only façade ones world and cause more internal damage.
“Achieving genuine happiness may require bringing about a transformation in your outlook, your way of thinking, and this is not a simple matter.” The 14th Dalai

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Positivity: Mastering The Importance of Control at Work and Home

Mastering the importance of control at work and home as one of the core pillars of positivity.

Feeling that we are in control, that we are masters of our own fate at work and at home, is one of the strongest drivers of both well-being and performance.

A 2002 study of nearly 3000 wage and salaried employees for the National Study of the Changing Workforce found that greater feelings of control at work predicted greater satisfaction in nearly every aspect of life: family, job, relationships, etc. People who felt in control at work, also had lower levels of stress, work-family conflicts and job turnover.

Interestingly, psychologists have found that these kinds of gains in productivity, happiness, and health have less to do with how much control we actually have and more with how much control we “think” we have.
The world is shaped largely by our mindset.
The most successful people, in work and in life, are those who have what psychologists call an “internal locus of control”, the belief that their actions have a direct effect on their outcomes. People with an external locus, on the other hand, are more likely to see daily events as dictated by external forces.

Believing that, for the most part, our actions determine our fates in life can only spur us to work harder; and when we see this hard work pay off, our belief in ourselves only grows stronger.

This is true in nearly every domain in life. Research has shown that people who believe that the power lies within their circle have higher academic achievement, greater career achievement, and are much happier at work.

Because feeling in control over our jobs and our lives reduces stress, it even affects our physical health. One study of 7400 employees found that those who felt they had little control over deadlines imposed by other people had a 50% higher risk of coronary heart disease than their counterparts. In fact this effect was so staggering, researchers concluded that feeling a lack of control over pressure at work is “as great” a risk factor for heart disease as even high blood pressure.

“Emotional Intelligence” Daniel Goleman
When small stresses pile up over time, as they so often do in the workplace, it only takes a minor annoyance or irritation to lose control; in other words, to let the part of our brain that reacts with emotion take over. When this “emotional hijacking” occurs we might lash out at a colleague, friend, family member or start to feel helpless and overwhelmed or suddenly lose all energy and motivation.

As a result our decision-making skills, productivity, and effectiveness plummet. This can have real consequences not just for individuals, but for entire teams of organizations.

At one large company, researchers found that managers who felt the most swamped by job pressure ran teams with the worst performance and the lowest net profits.
A failing economy can be a powerful trigger for emotional hijacking too.

Neuroscientists have found that financial losses are processed in the same areas of brain that respond to mortal danger. – When our brain hits the panic button, reason goes out the window and our wallets, our careers, and our bottom lines suffer.

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Resilience of Change

We know these words well: “change is the only constant.” The resilience of change, on the other hand, is not a concept spoken of as often.

My background is in an industry where self-branding through endless photos posted on social media comes as a natural and fun activity. It produces results, after all.Resilience of Change

At events throughout the years, the hotel lobbies were filled with people taking selfies to prove their attendance, taking a multitude of group photos (groupies?), creating videos, and even scoring impromptu interviews with speakers or top producers.

It wasn’t until my late 30’s that I came onto the scene. It was in my early 40’s where I began my mass photo and video branding. I loved it – fit my personality to a T.

Years of events, photos, video marketing, and long hours happily working online. Wake up and create content, work with team all day, attend webinars at night, sleep. The pattern repeated for six years straight.

I took one vacation to Hawaii (awarded from work – certainly not because I decided to slow down and take time off) during those six years.
I never felt I needed a vacation because my work at MLSP was always full of fun; we took work trips and travelled regularly as it was. The guys were always generous.

Great memories, many accomplishments and proud moments.
Three years ago I moved to Austin. Shortly after, MLSP and I parted ways and the company I’d been a rep for (amassing a team of 10k over three years) shut its doors without notice.

I realized I was exhausted, worn out and a little beat down. I didn’t have energy to go out, to socialize, to connect, or a desire to rebuild.
Change. It is the only constant.

Where there was a castle, now a pile of sand. The sand, water, bucket and shovel still existed. It had simply changed form. Not only did my business change form but the physical appearance of the person I saw in the mirror changed.

The years caught up with me. As if the speed at which I moved dictated and when momentum stopped father time finally had a chance to catch up. My face looked older, my body gained in areas never touched by fat before, my joints ached. “You mean I can’t just skip dinner and be slender by morning anymore?!”

Welcome to the late 40’s. The resilience of change is a confidently moving into and not against transition.

Whether in business, life, or physical appearance- there will be change.
Sometimes it’s harder than other times. Sometimes it’s fantastic change. Allowing ourselves to adjust to the transition and realizing the pinnacle is temporary (be it good or bad) helps.

It’s our positive perspective and in creating momentum that will get us through. Everything will level out as long as you keep trying.
Business is steady and I’ve learned how to work with (and on) the physical changes.

We have matured. We’ve changed and it feels great.
I wish you well in your transitions of life. Dive in and just keep swimming.

Looking for a guide to “just keep swimming”? Posisphere 21-Day “Happiness” program walks you (and your teams) through strategies scientifically proven to improve your outlook and set your day up for success. Click the image for further information and details.



Mindset Development is a Mindset for Success

Mindset development has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. Currently am researching how mindset increases success not only for individuals but for leadership roles and for organizations. 

Although “mindset for success” is the specific goal, I encourage those focused on mindset development to hold the word “PROSPERITY” in mind as it’s meaning encompasses a broader range and speaks more of flourishing in all areas of our life.

While most desire the same end goal whether they call it success or prosperity the road to achieving that end goal is laced with bumps, hiccups, swerves and dips that cause feelings of frustration, overwhelm, disappointment and possibly even giving up on dreams. The fact is that the road to achieving success is also graced with new opportunity, increased knowledge, financial gains, forward momentum and the high probability of meeting a business partner for life.

We all want success and as we take the marketing steps to build our business, we realize mindset development MUST go hand in hand, alongside marketing. Creating meaning and identifying purpose goes a long way on the path to success.

Your mind is supremely powerful; it will dictate your direction, your heart, your self talk, and your beliefs. Studies show that simply believing we can bring about change in our lives increases motivation and job performance; that success, in essence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Experiencing transformation is about learning how to use mindset development to work to our advantage. It’s about giving having the tools to overcome obstacles, reverse bad habits, become more efficient, productive, and conquer ambitious goals.

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