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Positive Action Steps to Increase Sales

Most professionals face daily sales setbacks. The life of a salesperson, by definition, is fraught with failure and rejection. One in ten proposals leads to a sale – so that’s 90% of the time a salesperson is dealing with rejection and 10% a high spike of reward. What an emotional roller coaster when trying to increase sales.

So how does a salesperson maintain a forward focus, positive mindset throughout the entire day when balancing the weight of this negativity with a spike of positivity? Well, the answer is simple but not easy. You have to learn how to train your brain to adapt to positivity.

Optimistic salespeople outsold their negative counterparts by 56% and testing has revealed that a positive mindset sells 37% more than a negative one. So obviously, we’ve got to learn how to adapt to positivity if we want to increase our sales on a daily basis.

The more you practice and shift your mindset towards the positive, the more you’ll cement these habits for the long haul.

Develop As a Leader

Whichever achievement level you’ve reached in your business, there’s never a cap on your ability to develop more as a leader.  Let’s look at leadership and social investment.

When we make positive social connections, the pleasure inducing hormone oxytocin is released into our bloodstream, immediately releasing anxiety and improving concentration and focus.  Each social connection also bolsters our cardiovascular, neuro-endocrine, and immune systems so that the more connections we make over time, the better we function. 

No wonder people spend so much time on social sites. 

How can we make this knowledge work the advantage of building your team’s productivity?

Here are two quick tips to immediately implement:

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